About us

Rocket Rons is an engineering based company in Western Sydney.
We focus on offering products to a high standard of quality.
We offer commercialised industrial services primarily through plasma cutting and fabrication while focusing on offering people a custom product. We look to create art works in people gardens and homes.
Our unique designs are to the highest quality and give you a complete one off feel.
Rocket Rons skill set comes in the metal fabrication industry with almost ten years experience providing a vast knowledge in CNC Machining, fitting, fabrication and welding, sheet metal work, plasma cutting and product design along side with drawing software.
Not only are we accomplished machinists but also very innovative in our ideas and problem solving.  After becoming very frustrated with the degree of complacency and lack of pride in good quality work Rocket Ron’s was formed.
Rocket Ron’s takes a multi-faceted approach to innovation and excellence across numerous niche markets such as garden and outdoor living art and gun related products.
Research has shown that in these markets there is a need for good quality custom made products.
We take pride in researching and testing all the products we design to ensure they are practical and robust. 
No problem is too hard, we can always find a practical, workable solution to your problem.
We will custom design products to your requirements.
We look forward to working with you on future designs
Owner and Founder
Rocket Rons